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Business Russian Course

The course is aimed at preparing participants for using Russian in the field of business and trade law. It is addressed at entrepreneurs who have trading relations with Russian-speaking partners, as well as students of economic universities and schools. Participation in the course will allow for developing all language skills, including specialist language from the field of business and law, as well as greatly broaden the participant’s vocabulary. The course will present the patterns of basic trade-related documents in Russian, and will teach participants the oral communication etiquette characteristic of the business environment.
The total number of hours is 100 (50 hours per semester).
The course starts in October.

Exemplary topics:
•    presenting a company, company name, its structure, legal form, date of founding, capital, field of operations, different positions and departments within it.
•    public appearances
•    characterizing and advertising the company’s products
•    official telephone conversation
•    making business contacts
•    business correspondence: structure and form of various types of letters, for example inquiries, requests, letters of gratitude
•    business contracts: obligatory elements in view of the Russian and Polish law
•    grammatical structures are taught in relation to their language functions

We offer the possibility to pay in installments.
Each participant will receive a free certificate of completing the course.