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Cambridge FCE Preparation Course

The course prepares for international FCE English exam. It involves thorough presentation of exam requirements and detailed guidelines concerning the language skills which are required for the exam’s particular components, as well as provides the opportunity of practicing all exam tasks. The course’s curriculum reflects the exam’s actual structure, which is reading with comprehension and using grammatical and lexical structures, writing assignment, listening with comprehension and oral task. Participation in the course will allow for developing all four language skills- reading, writing, listening with comprehension and speaking, and will greatly broaden the participant’s vocabulary. The students will gain the skill of justifying their opinion in a discussion, and learn to appropriately use style and register in a given context.

The total number of hours is  100 (50 hours per semester).
The course starts  in October.
Exemplary topics:
•    expressions, idioms and vocabulary from a range of lexical groups, the knowledge of which is essential for understanding written and spoken language, fluent communication, expressing opinion, justifying one’s opinion in a discussion, and choosing appropriate style and register for a particular situation.
•    strategies of preparing oral and written utternaces in accordance with FCE exam requirements
•    grammatical structures are taught in relation to their language functions

We offer the possibility to pay in installments.
Each participant will receive a free certificate of completing the course.